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We, from the EEVIBES always welcome the new authors who are competent enough to produce the quality content. Coming up with new ideas will be appreciated more. As our website is totally related to engineering courses and new emerging technologies so we prefer to share the relevant content. The major courses we have targeted so far are:

  1. Introduction to Computing
  2. Digital Logic Design
  3. Linear Algebra
  4. Embedded Systems
  5. Arduino Based Projects
  6. Numerical Analysis
  7. Electromagnetic Field Theory
  8. PIC Microcontroller Programming
  9. Programming Languages: Java, Python, C++

Guidelines for Contributing the Content

We appreciate if you follow the given guidelines while sharing your content:

  • The content should not contain plagiarism.
  • It should be relevant to the website.
  • It should be of good quality and technically strong.
  • We try our best to provide to our readers a valuable platform where they can learn and grow.

How to submit an article?

For publishing your article, you need to send it to our email address. After finalizing the pricing, we forward your request to our publishing team who publish your article within a day! Yes, we are so quick to respond.

In case our editorial team raises some objection (like your content has some structural mistakes or it has some plagiarism), we will resend you for improvement and you can send back to us for publishing.

Just to clarify, we do provide the guest post services with permanent do-follow links. For banner post we have different criteria that can be discussed via email. 


For other services, like essay writing, assignments, literature surveys, please contact us at: [email protected]