Series and Parallel Connection of a Capacitor

Capacitor and its main components

Define a Capacitor What are the Components of a Capacitor? A capacitor is an electrical device used mainly for the storage of charge. Basically it stores energy in the form of electric charge. It is connected with two terminals. Also Read More …

Dipole Antenna Types and its Characteristics

The 3D Polar Plot (Db Dir Theta) of the Dipole Antenna Structure

What is the Dipole Antenna? An antenna is used for transmitting or receiving radio frequency energy has a center-fed driving element.

Implementation of Dipole Antenna using CST Microwave Studio

Dipole Antenna Design

Introduction In this article you will learn about the Implementation of Dipole Antenna using CST Microwave Studio. Here, we have describes a simple Dipole Antenna that has been proposed and reviewed for wireless applications using a resonating frequency of 2.4 Read More …

What are the Different Types of Polarization?

Polarization and its types

Introduction to Polarization What are the Different Types of Polarization?  In electromagnetism, polarization density or electric polarization or polarization is the density of electric dipole moment in a dielectric material. It occurs when a non-polar molecule is placed in an Read More …

What is the Dielectric Constant, Strength, and Dielectric Polarization in Physics?

What is the Dielectric Constant,

Introduction to Dielectric In this article I have discussed about what is the dielectric constant and its other parameters. In electromagnetism, a dielectric or a dielectric material or a dielectric medium is a poor conductor or a good insulator but Read More …