Complete List of Linear Algebra Video Lectures 2024

Linear Algebra Complete Course 2024

Here is the Complete List of Linear Algebra Course: Lesson 1: Matrix Basic Operation Lesson 2: Properties of determinant with example Lesson 3: Nodal Incident matrices for networks Lesson 4: Solving system of linear equations using Gauss Elimination Read More …

What is the Gram Schmidt Procedure? Explanation and Example

gram schmidt procedure demonstration

Since, by applying head to tail rule on the vectors components, we can generate the original vector A. After that we need to find the projections of one vector to another vector. This projection is subtracted from the other vector and hence these two vectors become orthogonal.

So, for two vectors A and B lets say we want to generate a new set of vectors W and Y that will be orthogonal to each other. We will assume

How to test that the Given Vectors are Linearly Independent or Dependent?

linearly independent vectors

Linearly Independent Vectors: How to test the given vectors are linearly independent or not? The vectors v1,v2,v3,…vn in a vector space V are said to be linearly dependent if there exist constants c1,c2,c3,….cn not all zero such that: c1v1+c2v2+c3v3+……+cnvn=0  ————————-(i) Read More …