Define Cryptic Mining for Automatic Variable Key-based Cryptosystem

The AVK method is useful for low-power secure device communication, which is a key element of the internet of things. This paper examines and analyses the state of symmetric cryptosystems as well as the evolution of automatic variable key cryptosystems. It explains the framework of the AVK model and how to extend it using a parameterized method.

What are the sequences and arithmetic progressions?

sequences an arithmetic mean

If the numbers are generated according to a certain rule such that each consecutive number has a specific relation with its neighbors then they are said to form a sequence. You can consider sequences as list of ordered pairs. Sequences are represented by {an} where n is an integer. The value of n can be any integer or from natural number (1,2,3,….) which is called the domain of sequence. Each number in the sequence is called term.

Object-Oriented Programming Languages: What? Why? How?

Object Oriented Programming

Developers would choose different programming languages for various jobs. They are available in a multitude, each with a slightly distinct syntax but similar core notions. Among all the languages, In this article, we’ll go over a list of the most popular object-oriented programming languages used today. Knowing about these will help you do better in your programming course at your college. However, if you want better assistance, you can search on the internet for “do my programming homework for me” and you’ll get a list of the assignment helping services in front of you. Get in touch to get your work done efficiently.

How to design a 4 bit magnitude comparator circuit? Explanation with examples

magnitude comparator circuit

Two numbers are greater or less than :

To illustrate whether A is greater than or less than B, we check the relative magnitudes of pairs of significant digits, starting from the most significant digit. If the two digits of a pair are same, we compare the next lower significant pair of digits. The comparison continues till a pair of unequal digits is reached.

What is the difference between fan-in and fan-out? Examples

fan in and fan out

Fan-in refers to the maximum number of input signals that feed the input equations of a logic cell. Fan-in is a term that defines the maximum number of digital inputs that a single logic gate can accept. Most transistor-transistor logic ( TTL ) gates have one or two inputs, although some have more than two. A typical logic gate has a fan-in of 1 or 2.

Gram Schmidt Orth-normalization Based Projection Depth

Gram Schmidt Orthonormalization

GSO (Gram-Schmidt Orth normalization) is based on depth function of Euclidean vector which can be proposed to compute the projection depth. The performance of GSO can be studied to exact and approximate algorithms, bivariate data (data from two variables) can be used to associate estimation namely Stahel-Donoho (S-D) location and scatter estimation. The efficiency can be checked by computing average misclassification error in discriminant analysis under real and stimulating environment.