How to Perform Packed BCD to ASCII Conversion?

conversion between ASCII and packed BCD

In computers, all the information is represented in 0s and 1s, binary pattern must assign letters and other symbols or characters. Standard representation of this pattern was established in 1960 who names as ASCII which is stands for American Standard Code for Information Interchange. The great advantage of this system

Serial Communication in PIC Microcontroller and Computer Systems

Introduction to serial communication How to perform serial communication on PIC microcontroller? There are two main types of communication: Serial Transfer and Parallel Transfer. In parallel transfer, a chunk of data is transmitted at a time. While in serial transfer, Read More …

Series and Parallel Connection of a Capacitor

Capacitor and its main components

Define a Capacitor What are the Components of a Capacitor? A capacitor is an electrical device used mainly for the storage of charge. Basically it stores energy in the form of electric charge. It is connected with two terminals. Also Read More …