A Humanoid Robot Broadcast Control System Using Wireless Marionette Style

A Humanoid Robot Broadcast Control System A Humanoid Robot Broadcast Control System Using Wireless Marionette Style. When a speaker transmits a message to a listener, it is assumed that the message will be relayed more accurately if a suitable gesture Read More …

Find Best Arduino for Robotics

ARDUINO for robotics

INTRODUCTION Find Best Arduino for Robotics. In this world we are living where the technology and science are making progress day by day, the requirement for more innovative and provoking ideas and machinery are increasing drastically. The journey from the Read More …

Remote Access Technologies for Monitoring Environmental Variables Based on Arduino

remote access technologies for controlling environment variables using arduino

The system uses relay modules to separate high voltage and low voltage devices. Data from sensors and RTC is printed out to serial the monitor for testing purposes. Live charting can be done offline using a web server.
Asynchronous JavaScript and XML can be used to transfer sensor data from a webserver to a client. The web interface can be accessed by hard coded IP address. In occurrence of sudden power outages system will load latest data from SD card and send it to be displayed.

Design of smart electronic voting machine using Arduino

smart electronic voting machine

The system comes with a n number of switches, where n represents the number of political parties. The voter will be able to select their chosen candidate from a panel of buttons at this point. The final vote is then shown on an LCD to ensure voter satisfaction. Finally, the result can be calculated automatically by pressing the result button.

How to control the speed and direction of DC motor using Arduino?

DC motor speed and direction control

In this project, we are going to use a very popular motor driver IC called an L293D. The advantage of using this chip is that we can control two motors at the same time, as well as control their direction. There is also a pin-for-pin compatible chip available known as the SN754410, which can also be used and has a higher current rating. The IC has its own internal diodes, so we do not need one for this project.