Design a matrix calculator in c++

How to design a matrix calculator in c++


Design a matrix calculator in c++ . To make the solving problem about the simple matrix easy with the help of C++ program. Each step is explained below.


In this project of matrix calculator we had written a program in C++ with the help of two dimensional arrays and for loop and if statement in which when user enter a matrix of order 2by2 the program give transpose, determinant, adjoints and if possible the inverse of that matrix as an output.

Steps to code program:

This program is simple however below I have explain how it is written
• First of all we include two header files which are always ncluded in every programes means iostream.h and conio.h and after it we write void main .
• Now we start basic coding of program .Here first introduces matrix and transpose arrays and row, column, i and j for a for loop as variable datatype.
• Here we insert the determinant and adjoint variable in float and inverse variable in double data type.
• Then we ask the user to entererd the matrix elements.
• Now we declare transpose ,determinant , adjoint and inverse definition.
• Here we ask the program to display output on screen.
• Now user gets the result from the screen.

Flow chart

flow chart
flow chart

Code of designing a matrix calculator in C++

#include<iostream.h> #include<conio.h>
Void main()
Into m[10][10],r,c,trans[10][10],t[10][10],I,j; Float adj[10][10],det; double inv[10][10;
Court<<”enter the rows”;
Court<<”enter column”;
Court<<”enter matrix “;
Court<<”transpose “:
{court<<trans[I][j];} det=m[0][0]*m[1][1]-m[1][0]*m[0][1]; court<<”determinent”<<det; court<<”adjoint”:
t[0][0]=m[1][1]; t[0][1]=-m[1][0]; t[1][0]=-m[0][1]; t[1][1]=m[0][0]; adj[0][0]=t[0][0]; adj[1][0]=t[0][1]; adj[0][1]=t[1][0];
adj[1][1]=t[1][1]; court<<adj[0][0]<<adj[0][1] court<<adj[1][0]<<adj[1][1]; court”inverse”; inv[0][0]=adj[0][0]/det; inv[0][1]=adj[0][1]/det; inv[1][0]=adj[1][0]/det; inv[1][1]=adj[1][1]/det;

output of program
output of program

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