The Right Software for More Customer Traction – 6 Tips To Help You Pick One

Experts say that you should spend 50% of your time on creating a product and the remaining 50% on creating traction for it. Anything less than that results in the product being overbuilt and significantly less user engagement. You should choose the right software that helps you gain customer attention and assists you in establishing your product in the market. There are a few tips that can prove to be useful when looking for such customer engagement/traction software.


  1. Should Be Easy To Use

This is a very basic rule that you must follow. If it is not easy to use, your user is going to reject it completely. Make sure that the software is highly user-friendly with an easy-to-scroll work space and a very smooth and seamless dashboard. It should also have connectivity with other software platforms such as digital wallets, social media, Google maps, and the like.


  1. Must Be Scalable

The software has to be scalable. It should have the capability to shrink down and expand as per your requirements. If it can handle large amounts of data as you grow your business further, it will prove to be highly suitable for your company.


  1. Compatibility With Other Systems

The software tool should be very much compatible with your already existing systems, old record-keeping tools, and legacy customer feedback platforms as well. Make sure that you connect with a highly skilled nearshore software development company and come up with a platform that offers seamless compatibility and integration with your existing software platforms. This will ensure that there are no halts or interruptions when performing your day-to-day business activities.


  1. Remote Management

The only way to make sure that your product gains more traction with your audience is to ensure that the software allows room for remote work management. You should be able to assign product-related customer requests to the relevant departments and teams from anywhere. The software should allow you to check the status of those requests and discuss probable solutions for the same regardless of where your team members are dispersed across the country.


  1. Easy Collaboration

The same feature of remote accessibility and functioning makes scope for easy team collaboration. It is one of the mainstays of the digital age that you are in. Easy online collaboration can help you do away with pending tickets, unresolved requests, and unattended reports and feedback from all your customers on the go.


  1. Reporting And Analytics

Lastly, the platform should offer you efficient reporting and analytics. It must have the capability to track various metrics such as customer satisfaction index, interactions, response times, resolution value, the volume of requests, common issues, the percentage of unresolved requests, and much more.



This software can be a CRM tool, a platform to educate your consumers, or a forum to record user feedback. It should be relevant to your industry. It should add more value to your business and not increase your overall operational costs. Make sure to follow these tips and you will definitely find a winning software soon.

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