How to Design a Digital Stopwatch? Digital Logic Design Project

Digital Stopwatch


How to Design a Digital Stopwatch? A stopwatch is a timepiece designed to measure the amount of time that elapses between its activation and deactivation. To start and stop the time, and measure the time elapsed. Take continuous measurements by resetting the time to zero. Take continuous measurements in the smallest units needed for competitive events. Record split times and measure times for multiple competitors or tasks.

Components Required

  • 7 Segment LED Display
  • IC’s
  • 4026
  • 4013
  • 555
  • Switches
  • 5v or 9v voltage Source
  • Resistors
  • Capacitors

7 Segment LED Display

Seven-segment displays are widely used in digital clocks, electronic meters, basic calculators, displays in home appliances, cars, and various other electronic devices that display numerical information. There are two different types of seven-segment displays:

  • the common anode type
  • and the common cathode type.
seven segment displays
seven segment displays

IC 4026:

IC CD4026 is a CMOS seven-segment counter IC and can be operated at very low power. It is an IC which can perform the function of both a counter as well a 7-segment Driver. One single IC can be used to count form zero (0) to nine (9) directly on a Common Cathode type 7-segment display.

IC 4026
IC 4026

IC 4013:

The 4013 contains two independent D-type flip-flops with asynchronous set/reset inputs. Whenever the set or reset pins go high, the appropriate output is expressed immediately on the outputs

4013 IC
4013 IC

IC 555:

IC 555 timer is a one of the most widely used IC in electronics and is used in various electronic circuits for its robust and stable properties. It works as square-wave form generator with duty cycle varying from 50% to 100%, Oscillator and can also provide time delay in circuits.

555 Timer Chip
555 Timer Chip

Frequency operator:

It is used in this as we increase the frequency then it works slowly and if we decrease its frequency then it works fast.

Simulation of Circuit:

Frequency operator
Frequency operator


  1. The device is used when time periods need to be measured precisely and with minimum complications. Laboratory experiments and sports events like sprints are classic examples of its application.
  2. The stopwatch function is also present in many electronic devices such as wrist watches, computer, cellphones, and portable music players.
  3. It is used in microwave ovens and also in gaming purpose.


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