How to install Jupyter Notebook on Windows?

What is a Jupyter Notebook?

‘Jupyter’ is an abbreviation meaning Julia, Python, and R. These programming dialects were the first use case for Jupyter. Presently however, Jupyter Notebook upholds numerous different dialects (Source: How to introduce Jupyter Notebook on Mac utilizing Homebrew).

The fundamental parts of the entire climate are, from one perspective, the actual journals and the application. Then again, you additionally have a note pad portion and a journal dashboard.

“‘journal’ means archives that contain both code and rich text components, like figures, joins, conditions, and so on In view of the blend of code and text components, these archives are the best spot to unite an examination depiction and its outcomes. They likewise can be executed to play out the information examination progressively” — How to introduce Jupyter Notebook on Mac utilizing Homebrew.

How about we take a gander at these parts in more detail.

What is the Jupyter Notebook App?

As a server-customer application, the Jupyter Notebook App permits you to alter and run your journals by means of an internet browser. The application can be executed on a PC without Internet access, or it tends to be introduced on a far off server, where you can get to it through the Internet.

Benefits of a Jupyter Notebook

  • Note pad can re-run individual code bits, and it gives you the adaptability of altering them before re-running.
  • You can send a Jupyter Notebook on a distant server and access it from your nearby internet browser.
  • You can embed notes and documentation to your code in a Jupyter Notebook in different configurations like markdown, latex, and HTML.
  • Headings in a Jupyter Notebook are likewise upheld, which is exceptionally valuable when you need to give heading and sub-going to connote different significant pieces of your codebase. It works on the perusers’ experience.
  • Utilize a Jupyter Notebook as cells.
  • Capacity to share a Jupyter Notebook in different configurations like .py, .html, .md, .pdf, and so on

For AI people, Jupyter Notebook is exceptionally useful since it takes into consideration Data Visualization. Jupyter Notebook upholds representations and empowers you to deliver diagrams and outlines. These are produced from codes with the assistance of modules like Matplotlib, Plotly, or Bokeh.

How to install Jupyter Notebook on Windows?

Jupyter Notebook is an open-source web application that permits you to make and share reports that contain live code, conditions, representations, and story message. Utilizes incorporate information cleaning and change, mathematical recreation, factual demonstrating, information perception, AI, and considerably more.

Jupyter has support for north of 40 diverse programming dialects and Python is one of them. Python is a prerequisite (Python 3.3 or more noteworthy, or Python 2.7) for introducing the Jupyter Notebook itself.

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Jupyter Notebook can be introduced by utilizing both of the two different ways portrayed beneath:

Utilizing Anaconda:

  • Introduce Python and Jupyter utilizing the Anaconda Distribution, which incorporates Python, the Jupyter
  • Notebook, and other regularly utilized bundles for logical figuring and information science. To introduce
  • Anaconda, go through How to introduce Anaconda on windows? also adhere to the directions gave.
    Utilizing PIP:
  • Introduce Jupyter utilizing the PIP bundle director used to introduce and oversee programming bundles/libraries written in Python. To introduce pip, go through How to introduce PIP on Windows? furthermore adhere to the guidelines gave.

Introducing Jupyter Notebook utilizing Anaconda:

Boa constrictor is an open-source programming that contains Jupyter, spyder, and so forth that are utilized for enormous information handling, information examination, substantial logical processing. Boa constrictor works for R and python programming language. Spyder(sub-use of Anaconda) is utilized for python. Opencv for python will work in spyder. Bundle adaptations are overseen by the bundle the board framework called conda.

To introduce Jupyter utilizing Anaconda, simply go through the accompanying directions:

  • Launch Anaconda Navigator:
  • Click on the Install Jupyter Notebook Button:
  • Beginning the Installation:
  • Loading Packages:
  • Finished Installation:

Launching Jupyter:


Installing Jupyter Notebook using pip:

PIP is a bundle the board framework used to introduce and oversee programming bundles/libraries written in Python. These documents are put away in an enormous “on-line storehouse” named as Python Package Index (PyPI).
pip utilizes PyPI as the default hotspot for bundles and their conditions.

To introduce Jupyter utilizing pip, we want to initially check on the off chance that pip is refreshed in our framework. Utilize the accompanying order to refresh pip:

python -m pip install --upgrade pip


After updating the pip version, follow the instructions provided below to install Jupyter:

  • Command to install Jupyter:
    python -m pip install jupyter
  • Beginning Installation:
  • Downloading Files and Data:
  • Installing Packages:
  • Finished Installation:
    Finished-InstallationLaunching Jupyter:
    Use the following command to launch Jupyter using command-line:

    jupyter notebook



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