A Guide to Choosing the Right PC Case Size for Your Needs

Right PC Case Size

In this Article you will find a guide about choosing the Right PC Case Size for Your Needs. PC cases are an essential component when building your own PC. While there is a myriad of aesthetics to choose from, the Read More …

Difference Between Von Neumann and Harvard Architecture

VON Neumann Vs Harvard Architecture

VON Neumann Architecture: Before answering what is the difference between the Von Neumann and Harvard Architecture lets see what are their definitions. VON Neumann is a computer architecture that was described by mathematician and physicist John Von Neumann. He gave Read More …

How to Determine the Overflow of Signed and Unsigned Numbers?

overflow of signed and unsigned numbers

Why it is necessary to get the idea of overflow?  Numbers represented in computer system have always have a specific range. It depends on how many bits your system process. Some systems are 32 bits while other are 64-bits. With the advancement in technology we have now larger bits processing systems. But they have limited range of numbers they can represent. Overflow refers to the condition when the given bits can not represent the given number. It means that number needs more bits for its representation. There is another situation where the number is small enough and not representable according to the given pattern of numbers. This is called underflow.