How to Install OpenCV for Python on Windows?

OpenCV is the enormous open-source library for PC vision, AI, and picture handling and presently it assumes a significant part continuously activity which is vital in the present frameworks. By utilizing it, one can deal with pictures and recordings to recognize items, faces, or even the penmanship of a human. At the point when it incorporated with different libraries, for example, Numpuy, python is equipped for handling the OpenCV exhibit structure for investigation. To Identify picture designs and its different elements we use vector space and perform numerical procedure on these elements.

To introduce OpenCV, one should have Python and PIP, preinstalled on their framework. To check in the event that your framework as of now contains Python, go through the accompanying directions:

Open the Command line(search for cmd in the Run exchange( + R).
Presently run the accompanying order:

python --version

Assuming Python is as of now introduced, it will create a message with the Python variant accessible.


In the event that Python is absent, go through How to introduce Python on Windows? what’s more, adhere to the guidelines given.

PIP is a bundle the board framework used to introduce and oversee programming bundles/libraries written in Python. These documents are put away in an enormous “on-line store” named as Python Package Index (PyPI).

pip -V


To check on the off chance that PIP is as of now introduced on your framework, simply go to the order line and execute the accompanying order:

In the event that PIP is absent, go through How to introduce PIP on Windows? furthermore adhere to the directions gave.

Downloading and Installing OpenCV:

pip install opencv-python

OpenCV can be straightforwardly downloaded and introduced with the utilization of pip (bundle director). To introduce OpenCV, simply go to the order line and type the accompanying order:

Starting with the establishment:

Type the order in the Terminal and continue:


Gathering Information and downloading information:


Introducing Packages:


Completed Installation:


To check to assume OpenCV is accurately introduced, just run the accompanying orders to play out a rendition check:

>>>import cv2


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