What are the 3D printers and which one is best to buy?

How much does a 3D printer cost?

What are the 3D printers and which one is best to buy? There are different types of 3D printers. Each printer has different price depending on its efficiency.

  • ENTRY LEVEL 3D PRINTERS ($200-$400)
  • HOBBYIEST 3D PRINTERS ($300-$1500)
  • ENTHUSIAST 3D PRINTERS ($1500-$3500)
  • INDUSTRIAL 3D PRINTERS ($20,000-$100,000)

So lets answer this How much does a 3D printer cost?

Entry level 3D Printer ($200-$400)

Printers in this stage are generally toys but are a considerable way to experiment and about 3D printing. We have spent most of our time in   collecting, enumerating and trying before we will be ready to print. We will be only allowed to print objects around 3-4 inches in each dimension (width, length, height) and certain limits to print in one substance. These printers are slow, noisy and have poor print quality and not very durable. A lack of enclosed print space will limit you to only printing coldness materials like PLA. However, for printing small objects and getting a pity how a 3D printer works, they are doing the work.

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Entry level 3D Printer
Entry level 3D Printer picture

Hobbyist 3D printers ($400-$1500)

Printers in this stage are seldom astonishingly capable, but some have 1-2 lethal errors that impede their value. Many 3D printers during this category require you to spend a considered time assembling calibrating and testing before you’re ready to print. These prints can often print bit larger then entry level printers, perhaps 5-6 inches in each dimension. They are bit faster and might be able to print a few different materials. You’ll often find that their speed and print quality are lacking. Most printers during this class aren’t made to run significant lengths for time and you’ll need to do tons of repair/maintenance to keep them running.

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Hobbyist 3D printer
Hobbyist 3D printer

Enthusiast 3D printers ($1500-$3500)

The enthusiast category is exploding and delivering solid printers that are great certain applications and the printers in this category can deliver good sized prints; often as large as 8-12 inches in each dimension. Printers in this stage have sensible speed and drain print standard (Note; for the most printers, slower speed are essential to produce good print quality; conversely the quicker they print, you will sacrifice print quality).In this category you’ll have greater selection in material that can print although some enthusiast require you to use the manufacturer’s standard materials which limit your options.

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Enthusiast 3D printer
Enthusiast 3D printer image

Professional/performance 3D printers ($3500-$10,000)

The presentation of this type holds the assurance of the foremost quantity required in 3-Dimensional printing today and in modern times are self assured to mainly distort the sales of printers during the industrial compartment. These printers have huge build area (12 inches in each dimension) and often can print pretty nice standard parts. Most printers in this stage can print a huge span of substances although to print them as well, the producer should give print “profiles”, optimize to each material for their slicer software.

Professional printer image
Professional printer

Industrial 3D printers ($20,000-$100,000)

The printers within the industrial class differ from the performance class during a few ways. These printers can print in high standard at high speed; however you render a large premium for his advantage. These printers are surely industrial with very slick interfaces and durable construction and metal fabricated exterior. Industrial producers set a high price for a base printer and also impose yearly conservation contracts also as required by you to uphold licensed material at a premium to those which are available on the market.


industrial printer image
industrial printer

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Why printer ink so expensive?

Printer ink is so expensive because manufactures of printers get their profit only by ink cartridges. Printer manufacturing industries sold their printers at a very low price even no margin no profit get from it. They decided to get profit from original ink cartridges. Ink cartridges are responsible for efficiency, papers, etc. Ink cartridges are compulsory for every printer so the owner of printer like you and me must buy the ink cartridges. The printer manufacturer industries make profits from ink cartridges by sailing them at a very high price.

It is the strategy of print manufacturing industries to earn profit. First they sold printers without any profit. Ones an owner buy a printer he must be change the ink cartridge. The printer manufacturing industries get benefit of it and sold ink cartridges at high price and get high profit from it.

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