How much storage is needed for a system?

How much storage is need for a system?

How much storage is needed for a system? Before knowing about that how much storage a system needs to be run, firstly we have to know what is the Role of storage in a system. Actually, there are two types of storage in a system

  1. Primary storage
  2. Secondary storage

Primary storage:

First one of them is primary storage, that holds the data for a short period of time while the system is running. And data is removed when the system is shut down. So, this is a temporary type of storage also called as Main memory.

primary storage
primary storage

Secondary storage:

The second type of storage is secondary storage also called as Auxiliary storage. And this type of storage holds the data for a longer period of time. So, we can say that the data is permanently in the system and can only be remove by deleting it.

secondary storage
secondary storage

Now the main question is that How much storage is needed by the system, so when a system runs it needs a combination of hardware and software to process the given information and provide output. The storage mainly depends upon the type of work to be performed on the system.

Let’s divide the type of uses into several categories:
• Light usage
• Medium usage
• Heavy usage

1.Documentation (light usage):

If you are using a computer purely as a work documents such as word, presentations and spread sheet documents don’t take up a great deal of space – a couple of kilobytes. Even if you have huge size of documents of 10MB each, you can only save 100 of them in a gigabyte of space. So, 50GB will be more than enough as operating system also need to be installed on the system otherwise 20GB will be enough.


2.Movies and TV shows (medium usage):

The websites that allow you to legally purchase and download a movie, you know that these movies take a digital space rather than on your shelves. Movies comes in two variants either in SD or HDD and you have a choice that which variant you want to download. SD movie of two-hours or a show having an episode of two-hours takes a space of 1.5GB. If you are using a 250GB hard drive and let’s assume that OS and other software takes 50GB of space, still you can fit about 130 movies and 26 one-hour episodes on it.

3.Games (heavy usage):

If you are a gamer, you know that games can take much more space of hard drive. You will probably see them weigh in around the 5GB to 70GB mark each. As these games tend to be more resource-demanding. You necessarily need to store them on your SSD or HDD either, so heavy usage such as gaming you at least need 1TB of space.

• Conclusion:

Computer that support a hard drive having a space of around 250-500GB should work out alright. You can do a lot of work on it.

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