Tips for Bloggers to Troubleshoot Network Issues

Tips for Bloggers to Troubleshoot Network Issues

Here are some valuable tips for bloggers to troubleshoot network issues. Blogging is a short-term weblog wherein bloggers publish content to inform readers. It works as an online journal. While some bloggers publish content for different niches, others only do it for one niche.

One significant advantage of blogging is that you can do it from anywhere, provided you have an active internet connection. Be it via wifi or a LAN cable. However, bloggers often may get issues pursuing their work because of network issues.

It is a common problem, but you should not let network problems hamper your work. Therefore, we have come up with this article. We mention the most common network problems and the ways to fix them. Wait no more and read on!

  1. Duplicate IP Address

It is a widespread network error that can be overwhelming to see. You might feel you need professional help to cure this. However, you can quickly solve it by yourself. The error occurs when two commuting devices simultaneously try to connect to a single IP. Thus, one of them rejected access to the internet.

In such cases, you can check the router’s DHCP. You can easily do it with your MAC. If you are unsure, you can check this manual on how to access router settings on Mac and check the DHCP configuration. In most cases, it happens when a new modem is set up. You can simply disable the DHCP server from the settings on your device. It will help restore your internet access.

  1. Workstation-Network Connection issues

If you are using multiple workstations and only one of them shows ‘No Internet,’ we assume the rest of the network is working fine. In such cases, we turn to find hardware and software issues particular to that system.

You can resolve this issue by eliminating the common barriers, including poor wifi signal, bad cable, incorrect drivers, or failing network card. You should also ensure that the network adapter is rightly configured with the correct IP, DNS server, and subnet. If you still face the problem, you should check the firewall software and ensure that all the essential ports are open to the external network.

  1. Slow Internet

Among the most faced network problems, slow internet performance is pervasive. Regardless of the internet provider, you may face this problem. It is because of the poor quality connection or congestion in network traffic. Moreover, if the router is overloaded, it may diminish performance.

You might see that the provider shows a higher bandwidth in many cases, but the internet speed is deficient. In such cases, you can run a speed test to see the clear congestion on the ISP’s network. When you buy a local internet connection, the network is shared among many homes in the neighborhood. Therefore, you should invest in higher bandwidth to prevent slow internet issues. In addition, recheck the DNS servers because incorrect DNS can highly impact the internet speed.

Bottom Line

You can invest in the best internet connection, but these problems will persist. Therefore, you should learn basic troubleshooting to prevent time and resource wastage. You can find ample resources on the web that offer troubleshooting tips. Also, if you cannot understand the issue, it is suggested to call the professionals for help.

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