Discuss the MOSFET fabrication and Behavior in detail

NMOS transistor fabrication

Silicon is actually a semiconductor material which usually do not conduct under normal conditions. Conduction can take place under special conditions. A transistor is fabricated by adding purities in the substrate such that one part of the layer has excess of either positive or negative charges. Negatively charged region is called the n-type region and positively charged region is named as p-type region. The structure of NMOS transistor is shown in the figure below.

How to create a Kahoot game?

Kahoot games

Once you go to create.Kahoot.it and up there by clicking discover, you can find kahoot’s by other teachers have made. So you can just enter the term in search bar appear and for example electricity and magnetism you get a lot of options there. You can click on them to find out what the questions look like and what the options look like and what images teachers have chosen.

Design an Portable Ultrasonic Range Meter using Arduino

Portable Ultrasonic Range Meter

Under normal circumstances, the sound speed is 330m / s. SONAR or Sound Navigation and Ranging Route is a measure of distance communication that is commonly used on submarines. In this process, the high frequency sound is transmitted by the transmitter and the echo displayed from the object is captured by the receiver. As the speed of the sound wave is known, by measuring the travel time,

What is the Linux Distro? Best Linux distro for developers 2022

Linux Distro

While choosing a Linux distro, the first thing you need to ask is why do you want to use it? or what is its use? The professional or commercial use of LINUX distro will require different distros. For example, if you are planning to use it for tracking you finances or you are interested to serve a marketplace then same types of bistros should not be used. That will be quite a bad choice. Though you can be a new computer user but still you can probably decide it is quite a foolish act.