UNIX Timestamp Converter

distribution of Linux has a graphical user interface

What is UNIX Timestamp Converter ?

UNIX Timestamp Converter. UNIX was developed in 1970s in Bell Labs. It is a multitasking operating system and it is pronounced as YOU-nix. Because of Federal regulations, Bell’s labs were not allowed for actively promoting it in the commercial market place. That’s why they preferred to license it at low cost in colleges and universities where it got much following.

Many different computers were there on which UNIX was implemented. UNIX was licensed to many software and hardware companies after the deregulation of telephonic companies.

There are several versions of UNIX and each one is little bit different from another. When the programmer shift from one version to another version of UNIX they have to write slightly more programs for it.

Some of the UNIX versions have command line interface while mostly they have graphical user interface as it is shown below

Graphical Unser Interface of UNIX
          Graphical Unser Interface of UNIX

At present, you can find UNIX operating system is available for computers of all sizes. Many manufacturers sell their PCs with UNIX installed on it. Power users actually demand for UNIX operating systems because of its power and flexibility.

It is not only a stand alone operating system but also the server operating system. That is, UNIX can handle a large number of transactions in a multiuser environment and employ multiprocessing to deal with several processors.

Because it is both a stand-alone and a server operating system, some computer experts refer to UNIX as a multifunctional operating system. UNIX is the operating system of choice for many Web servers.

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