What is the Linux Distro? Best Linux distro for developers 2022

Linux Distro

While choosing a Linux distro, the first thing you need to ask is why do you want to use it? or what is its use? The professional or commercial use of LINUX distro will require different distros. For example, if you are planning to use it for tracking you finances or you are interested to serve a marketplace then same types of bistros should not be used. That will be quite a bad choice. Though you can be a new computer user but still you can probably decide it is quite a foolish act. 

What are the important parts of an embedded system?

software power optimization

Power supply is one of the main components of embedded system. It is mainly used to power the system without power supply the embedded system can’t start its working. Usually 5 volt of power supply is used which has range of about 1.8 to 3.3 v. A smooth and efficient power supply should be used for proper working of embedded system. The main source of power supply includes adapter, battery etc

Open Source Vs Closed source operating system

open source operating system

Open source software are not considered as a good alternative sometimes because of the possibility of viruses and threats. Another concern is that they want to get profit from what they code or develop. Open source software, on the other hand, may be reviewed by a much larger group of people for faults and improvements can be made quickly, resulting in better software.

Discuss the characteristics of ADC in detail

analog to digital conversion

ADC stands for analog to digital converter. It is a widely used electrical component. It converts an analog signal into its digital representation. The main component of any digital circuit that needs to process an analog signal is an ADC. The devices which use an ADC to convert analog signals into digital numbers are known as ADC devices. A microcontroller can understand and process only digital numbers. It cannot process analog signals.

How to determine the overflow of signed and unsigned numbers?

overflow of signed and unsigned numbers

Why it is necessary to get the idea of overflow?  Numbers represented in computer system have always have a specific range. It depends on how many bits your system process. Some systems are 32 bits while other are 64-bits. With the advancement in technology we have now larger bits processing systems. But they have limited range of numbers they can represent. Overflow refers to the condition when the given bits can not represent the given number. It means that number needs more bits for its representation. There is another situation where the number is small enough and not representable according to the given pattern of numbers. This is called underflow.