Open Source Vs Closed source operating system

open source operating system

Open Source Vs Closed source operating system. Linux is different from other operating systems in the sense that it is an open source operating system as its source course along with other changes are publicly available. Usually. when the developers of closed source operating systems refuse to share the code, then the third party application developers become hindered. Open source advocates believe that source code should be available to the public so that it can be reviewed, updated, and improved.

open source operating systems Linux
open source operating systems Linux

Open source software are not considered as a good alternative sometimes because of the possibility of viruses and threats. Another concern is that they want to get profit from what they code or develop. Open source software, on the other hand, may be reviewed by a much larger group of people for faults and improvements can be made quickly, resulting in better software.

Are open source operating system good?

They are good to some extent as you can easily find their codes freely available. But the fear of viruses is always there and you need to be very careful in terms of not virus to be installed on your system that will totally corrupt your system ultimately.

GUI for Linux

The two most popular GUI for Linux operating system are:

  • KDE
  • GNOMe

Some firms, like Red Hat, sell software that works on their own Linux distribution. Many application program, utilities, and plug-ins, such as, StarOffice, Mozilla, Netscape, Yahoo! Messenger, RealPlayer, QuickTime, and Acrobat Reader, have Linux distributions.

There is a variety of ways in which users buy GUI for Linux. One of them is Red Hat or IBM. They bundle their  own software with the operating systems (OS).

What are the computer viruses?

Virus is just an miscellaneous software. Malware is the most common one that works without user knowledge and alters many computer operations. Worms and Trojan horses are malware. Unlike other viruses Trojan horses  does not replicate itself. Right now more than 180,000 viruses, Trojan horses and malware exist.

What are the signs of virus infection?

Here are the following common signs of virus infections that you may experience in case your system got infected.

  • You may see an unusual message or image on your computer screen.
  • An unusual audio or music may play.
  • This sign is very common! An application program or some files may be missing.
  • Just opposite to the third point, you can see some unknown file or program on your computer.
  • File/files may get corrupted.
  • You can observe some changed properties of system.
  • A file or a program does not open properly.
  • The operating system will run much slower when it gets infected by a virus.

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