Use of MATLAB Software for Linear Algebra

Use of MATLAB Software for Linear Algebra

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Use of MATLAB Software for Linear Algebra. With a focus on complex arithmetic problem and the unambiguous concept of line algebra, this paper discusses the introduction of MATLAB software in algebra teaching and describes the practical steps and results of experimental studies. Good results are achieved by combining theory and practice, which not only enhances students’ interest in learning, but also enhances their practical skills. A few examples are given to illustrate the work of modeling and learning.

Linear algebra, the first course for new college students, provides theoretical processing theory and methodology for senior students in their professional studies. At present, line algebra is fundamental to the natural sciences and the study of modern engineering technologies.

It not only provides practical questionnaires, but is also an important tool in many other fields, such as economics, management, career research, social sciences, demography, genetics, biology and more.

In recent decades, with the advent of computer technology and space technology, the use of line algebra has expanded, prioritizing new requirements and functions in direct algebra teaching. , and how to make students understand, apply knowledge, in the context of reducing teaching hours? So these are important issues that need to be addressed in teaching.

“Linear Algebra” is characterized by a multiplicity of ideas, theory and complexity. When dealing with complex arithmetic, such as complex system calculation calculations, high-level matrix function, problem-solving

line calculations and other questions, conventional teaching methods require student writing, time-consuming and inaccurate. But for students learning this lesson, writing more complex matrix calculations is not an easy task, because it is very difficult for them. Students often feel tired, and their reading pressure is low.

Therefore, in teaching line algebra, students can be guided to complete complex arithmetic operations with a computer program, especially some commonly used numeracy tools, such as Mathematica and MATLAB software. We use state-of-the-art technology and mathematical software to provide students with a simple and easy-to-understand application, which will lay a good foundation for their future work and learning.

Current line algebra instruction, primarily writing board instruction. The matrix, which determines the calculation and solving of line calculations in line algebra usually takes up a large amount of space, usually in-depth writing on the board. When writing on board is combined with multimedia courseware, it clearly explains from structure to structure details, it will be better. The rational use of advanced teaching methods, enriching the content as your foundation, will not just rely on advanced educational institutions, so that we do not dominate.

It also makes no sense to play a fast-paced animation test on courseware, on the other hand, it is relatively fast, and it is not easy for students to keep up with the pace; on the other hand, while bright and clear courseware is easy to arouse students’ interest in reading, but interest cannot be ruled out, detailed explanations should be added to help students understand the content. Therefore, it is very important to develop students’ practical skills.

Years of teaching in PowerPoint format the practice of CAI software proved that in computer-based studies, only the beginning or summary and conclusion, can produce better results. MATLAB is the best teaching aid software. MATLAB software, characterized by its powerful matrix calculation, a simple editing method, is perfect for beginners learning the algebra course of the line, but also saves a lot of teaching time in the classroom to get a better result.

MATLAB applications in linear algebra
                                   MATLAB applications in linear algebra

The MATLAB software was introduced by MathWorks, a US company in the mid-80s of the 20th century. They are interactive, software-focused applications. It is a specially designed interactive package for advanced science and engineering mathematics, widely used in industry and academic disciplines. of the market, its functions are becoming more complete.

With the continuous development of its version, its mathematical solvent, numerical function and symbolic calculation function have been further improved.

The MATLAB software is powerful, and rich, with over 600 mathematical functions that can be used in projects. It is very easy for users to use its various computer functions, including standard numerical analysis, matrix calculation, digital signal processing, modeling, system control and optimization, dynamic simulation, limited object analysis applications.

It is very easy to manage various application problems. In addition, users can also write their own works and expand the MATLAB software library according to their needs, which is very simple. Initially, the purpose of its design is to make students clearer and more interested in learning line algebra. MATLAB is a powerful mathematical software that can easily be handled.

Other usage

MATLAB has many other function amongst which vector solution is also one.

The description of the type of object and the dimensions of the formed variables are not necessary in MATLAB. The program can be easily debugged, even for simple and easy computations, because all the variables are represented as MATLAB M-files in the syntax and other high-level language that are similar to a procedural programming language.

MATLAB excels at numerical computation, simulation graphics, and linear algebra problem-solving. Additionally, its language is simpler to comprehend and understand because it is related to mathematical language. The effects of MATLAB solver software in teaching equations are seen in the examples below.

For example in a complex problem of vector it is usually difficult to mind map the problem which is solved by MATLAB, MATLAB draw graphics helping to get into the given prompt or question. An example is mentioned below:

relevant of vectors
                             relevant of vectors

As it can be seen a complex drawing is generated, for a vector question. In this way MATLAB is very useful in the mathematical field of linear algebra.

An other vector diagram is as follow, generated in MATLAB for students to understand it in an easier way.

vector diagram
                              vector diagram


In conclusion, “Linear Algebra” is an abstract and logic based subject. Calculation has become more standardized, straightforward, and adaptable thanks to the development of mathematical software and the use of MATLAB to handle some linear algebra issues. It increases the students’ ability to utilize linear algebra, simplifies the operation process, enriches the grasp of knowledge, progressively allows students to build good problem-analysis and problem-solving skills, and sets a solid foundation for their further specialized course study.

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