How to Design Finger-print based Voting machine?

Finger Print Based Voting Machine


How to Design Finger-print based Voting machine? The aim of this project is to improve the security of the voting machine and to provide easy access to voting through fingerprints.

In this project the human fingers are used to divide the vote. This project therefore improves security performance and avoids fraudulent vote because naturally one human finger is different from another.

Components of Designing Voting Machine

  1. Fingerprint sensor
  2. Microcontroller
  3. Arm processor circuit
  4. RS 232 converter
  5. Alarm driver circuit with alarm
  6. Keypad
  7. Finger print sensor


What is the fingerprint sensor and how does it work?

Fingerprint sensor is a special type of sensor used to identify a human fingerprint. Fingerprint sensor is connected to the microcontroller via an armor processor circuit. The arm processing circuit is used to activate the fingerprint sensor at the time the finger is placed on the sensor. Then the related data is stored in a microcontroller.

Flow chart of voting machine
Flow chart of voting machine


Here is the methodology of this system:

Designing a Fingerprint-based Voting Machine

In this project the microcontroller is connected to the PC via a converter RS ​​232. RS232 is used to convert TTL logic to RS 232 logic. The microcontroller transmits related information to the PC. When a person places a finger on the fingerprint sensor, the sensor sends the corresponding data on the microcontroller. Here the microcontroller is a type of redesigned flash microcontroller that we have already configured. Microcontroller received data from fingerprint sensors. Then compared to the data stored when a human finger is valid for that voter name mentioned on the voter’s ID card, the controller displays information such as “Enter your vote” on the LCD display.

Finger print based voting machine
Finger print based voting machine

What is a Keypad and how does it work?

Then we can cast our vote for the person we want using the key pad. The keypad contains a set of keys where each key represents a candidate name or symbol. If a human fingerprint is invalid on that particular voter’s name, the sub controller will display “Authentication Failure” on the LCD display and open the driver circuit to alert. So the alarm makes a sound to indicate Authentication Failure.


This project is widely used to improve the security of the voting machine. In this project fingerprints are used as a voting ID card. Now day’s some people may make the duplicate voter ID card. This can be avoided by this system.

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